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MIROSŁAW GRELUK was born on the 16th of February 1966 in Łuków. He has graduated with an AA degree in advertising from a college in Mińsk Mazowiecki. Subsequently he obtained MA at Marie Curie Sklodowaska University where he wrote his master theses. Prof Janusz Gaida was his diploma supervisor on „Theory of wide spreading of culture”. He has also completed his diploma project under the eye of prof. Marian Stelmasik.

In 1997 M. Greluk was granted a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and Fine Arts.

He is a painter, a pedagogue, a manager, a volunteer and a town councilor of Siedlce for the IV tenure since 2002.

He creates paintings, freehand, graphics, interior design, advertising, fine art photography and commercial snapshots. Most of his work is done outdoors. He was a participant of over 20 individual and group exhibitions in many prestigious galleries in Poland. He is also a TV producer in Cable TV Siedlce.

He co-organized „Contrastes de la Lumiere” (Light Contrasts) in Proto Corsica in 2003.

Miroslaw Greluk is a creator and a producer of the biggest charity events in eastern Poland. GRELOWISKO is a mixture of social and artistic events as well as charity rally’s. Miroslaw GRELUK and GRELUK donors have encompassed with care special brostal schooling center in the region of old Siedleckie district. A sole man managed to unite the upper crusts of this region including: business, establishment, culture representatives, fine arts representatives, scientists, media and politicians. These meetings that are organized combine business and pleasure. All rallies include ether art exhibitions, recitals, dancer shows, theater of movement and always auctions of Greluk’s paintings. All raised funds are donated to charity. After the official part, the event always turns in to all-nighter.

He has won an award „Sponsor of the year 2002″ from the Town Chief Executive. This award reflected his social services and charity work. Through Grelowisko he brings together all social stratums, nourishes local artists and local art but his main priority is to support to needy institutions as well as brostals . For all his activity he has received aSilver Cross of Meritfrom the Polish President Aleksander Kwaśniewski. He is a liaison of ” Communication without barriers” a Jolanta Kwasniewska’s Foundation, Business Center Club and Polish chamber of Commerce. He has organized number of artistic events, cultural, social and charity. He works with local media as a TV show producer and as a journalist. His active approach lasts over 18 years in the region of East Mazowsze and Podlasie.

Miroslaw Greluk is also an originator and a co-organizer of Children’s Festival „Day of Happiness”which takes place in amphitheatre in Siedlce. Few years back he began organizing events for kids from special schools ” Happy days in SOSzW in Jaworek” International chapter of Children’s Smile Order , on its 35th anniversary has awarded Miroslaw Greluk an ” Order of the smile” (4th of October 2003) as they have recognized his work for special care children. Until now he is a soul holder of this award in Siedlce.